21 Days of Consecration through Prayer and Fasting

To be effective prayer and fasting must be done together.  You can pray and it will be effective if you are praying God’s heart.  Fasting without prayer is ineffective.

From Judson Cornwall’s book, Ascending to Glory.  

Prayer does not pull God down to our level; prayer allows us to move upward to God’s level.  

In the language of David, communion with God enables us to “ascent into the hill of the Lord” 

(Ps. 24:3).  It lets us escape from our time-space dimension and enter briefly into eternity.“

Fasting is a major key to effective praying.  You can fast food, a certain food, media, etc.  Derek Prince, a well-known preacher, says: “God’s appointed way is to humble ourselves by fasting.”  When I humble myself, it strikes a blow to my pride. At that point I can hear God’s heart more clearly.  The biblically appointed way to humble myself is by fasting. David said,

“I humbled my soul with fasting.” (Ps. 35:13)  “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time.”  (1 Peter 5:6)

Consecration – (Lev. 20:7) “You shall consecrate yourselves therefore and be holy, for I am the Lord your God.”  (This was in regard to sins God was telling the people not to do.)

Consecrate means:

To be set apart

To be dedicated

To be separate

Repentance is a key factor as you fast and pray.  Be quick to repent when you become aware of something that does not please the Lord in your life.  Then walk out that repentance by turning from it and not doing it again.  

Day 1.  The Lord has been speaking to us often about our words.  

James 3:8-10 says, “.. .but the tongue is not able to be tamed.  It’s a fickle, unrestrained evil 

that spews out words full of toxic poison!  We use our tongue to praise God our Father and

 then turn around and curse a person who was made in his very image! Out of the same 

mouth we pour out words of praise one minute and curses the next.  My brothers and 

sister, this should never be!”  TPT

  • Review Ps. 34:11-14 and notice how the fear of the Lord will cause us to watch over our words.  
  • Read Prov. 3:3, Prov. 10:11, Prov. 18:20-21, Prov. 12:13-14, 18, 25, Prov. 21:23, Prov. 13:2-3, Prov. 22:11-12.
  • Ask for the Lord to touch your tongue with His fire.  
  • Read James 3 and Isa. 6.
  • Fast negative words.
  • Are your words speaking blessing or cursing?  (Cursing can be negative words also.)
  • Repent where you have spoken/are speaking cursing words.
  • Every day consecrate (dedicate) your tongue to speak blessing and to rehearse the goodness of God.

May blessings come forth from your mouth!

Day 2 

 Today, consider what has captivated your time and attention during this last season.

  • What has caused you to look away from God and be distracted from His purposes.  
  • Make a list of those things.  
  • Reflect, repent and be re-positioned at His feet.  

Read and meditate on:

Luke 10:38-42

John 11:20-40

Eph. 1:17-23

Day 3

Today, reflect on your calling and your obedience.  

  • Are there places where you missed moments of visitation?  
  • Are you willing to surrender and be touched in a new way?  
  • Consider how Abraham rose early to obey God and sacrifice Isaac.  
  • Your provision for the vision may be waiting for your obedience.

Read and meditate on:

Gen. 22

Isa. 6

Day 4

Reflect on the places in your life which are chaotic, confusing and out of order.  

  • Prioritize your affections as you listen for His still small voice.  God asked Elijah, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”  
  • Is there disarray in your soul?  
  • Have you allowed the voice of the enemy to cause you to lose your place of victory?  
  • Reflect, Repent and Re-Position!

Read and meditate on:

1 Kings 18-19

Isa. 40:28-31

Day 5

This is a time to reflect on the places where you need to be clear in your heart toward others.  

  • You must release forgiveness to those who have hurt or offended you. 
  •  Likewise, you must make efforts to make peace with those who may be offended by you.  
  • If you have already attempted this and not received a good response, today is a good day to release blessings toward those who have unforgiveness or offenses toward you.

Read and meditate on:

Heb. 12:12-29

Matt. 18:21-35

Day 6

Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a fresh new look at Calvary.  It is important to be reminded of the love of God and His mercy toward us.  When we see Him, we will repent. 

  • Repentance repositions us and we are renewed, refreshed and ready to move forward.

Read and Meditate on:

John 18-19

Isa. 6 (again)

Acts 3:1

Day 7

This is a day to ask the Lord to reveal any old roots, cycles, and attitudes of bitterness, complaining, and negative speaking.  

  • As He shows you, begin to repent and ask for every root to be pulled out that has ensnared you in this last season.  
  • Begin to be repositioned in a new attitude of gratitude.  
  • Rehearse His goodness and how He has brought you through the trials and troubles.  
  • This will cause you to move forward into your future God’s way!

Read and meditate on:

Ps. 100

Ps. 107

Heb. 12:15-29

Day 8

Reflect and consider how you have taken care of your body over the last year.  

  • Repent of any disobedience and make a fresh commitment to the Lord to enter into a healthy life-style.  Invite the Holy Spirit to guide you and speak to you how you should do this.  
  • Ask Him to show you any strongholds that have been in your soul preventing your progress.

This is also a day to reflect on how you have been aligned and been positioned in the Body of Christ.

  • Repent of any areas of rebellion toward your spiritual authority.  
  • Repent of failures to supply your part to the Body. 
  • Repent of attitudes of lethargy or complacency. 
  • Be repositioned in divine order and in an excellent spirit.

Read and meditate on:

1 Cor. 3:16-17

Eph. 4

Day 9

Today is a special day to celebrate the atonement of the Lamb of God.  We can rejoice that He has paid the price for our sins and we are forgiven. 

  • This is a day to commune with the Lord.  Let Him draw near to you as you intimately draw near to Him.
  •  Rejoice that He has made a way for you to come boldly before the throne of God. 
  • Let the Holy Spirit breathe fresh life into your soul.  
  • Look with the eye of faith at the future He has for you.  
  • Thank Him for His goodness.

Read and meditate on:

John 1:1-34; Heb. 4:14-16; Col. 2:13-15; Col. 1:9-18

Day 10

Ask God to show you the limitations.  Ask what you may have in your thought processes and self-talk that opposes His plan and purposes.       

  • Repent for unbelief and lift the limits.
  • Hebrews 4, John 5:1-9
  • Fast from all negative words and thoughts

about yourself.

Day 11

Ask God to show you places in your heart that may have become hardened to His Word.  

  • Ask Him if there is fallow ground in your life  (places of unfruitfulness).
  • Repent for unbelief and lift the limits.
  • Hosea 6:1-3, Hosea 10:12
  • Fast your “ordinary” activities this evening.

Day 12

Ask God to show you the “thorns” that choke out the Word and your future supply. 

  • Repent for unbelief and lift the limits.
  • Luke 8:4-15
  •  Fast worry.  Meditate on Phil. 4:4-9

Day 13

What extra luggage are you carrying?  

  • Is there anything you need to put down in order to lighten the load for your new season?
  • Luke 12:22-34       
  • Clean out a closet, a drawer, a glove compartment.  

As you do, see if you have a “treasure” you could

 give to someone who has a need.

Day 14

Today is a day to praise and enthrone Him.  Rehearse His greatness and majesty and give thanks.

  • Job 37-38, Ps. 136, Ps. 148-150
  • Fast small-mindedness.  Make room for the increase

of His presence.

Day 15

Ask God to show you what demands most of your time and attention.

  • Pray for your priorities to be set by God.
  • Repent for seeking after the approval of others more than the approval of God.
  • Acts 3:19-20, Matt. 6:32-33, Matt. 19:16-30
  • Fast television.

Day 16

Ask the Holy Spirit to shine His light on any “hidden things” that are in your heart and home that need to be removed.  (Achan’s sin caused defeat and halted Israel’s progress into the promised land.)  

  • Ask Him to identify the spirit of this world operating

in your life.  Shed the Babylonian garment and put

on the garment of holiness.

  • Joshua 7, Rev. 17-18, 2 Cor. 6:16-18—7:1
  • Repent for not trusting God to give you good things 

and for taking timing into your own hands.

  • Confess your faults to someone and have them pray for you.
  • Fast excuses and justifying yourself.

 Day 17  

Ask the Lord to show you any places in you where you have become lethargic, passive and settled for less than what you know He has for you.

  • Repent for unbelief and disobedience. 
  • Discern the difference between false peace/contentment and the rest of the Lord/His peace.
  • Heb.4…notice how God’s rest is connected to hearing and obeying His voice.  How are you holding fast to your confession? 
  • Read Rom. 16:19-20, Phil. 4:4-7
  • Pray with a friend to break passivity and to enter into obedience and gain His rest.
  • Radically worship God today…holding back nothing 

Day 18

The next 3 days are to embrace the Word of the Lord for 2020 (LaNora Morin).  Meditate on the Words each day,

  commit and purpose in your heart to walk it out day by day, and give thanks to the Lord for all He is doing in your life.

A year to see and decree – watchmen prophets on the wall

  • 2 Chronicles 20:20 ( NKJ)

 An awakening sound of resurrection – worship that breaks the power of death

  • Isaiah 26:18-20( TPT)
  • John 11:11( TPT)

Day 19

A vibrant prayer initiative to persevere and prevail until breakthrough

  • The spiritual condition that holds many captive is known as “ emotional inertia”
    The symptoms are resistance to change in motion or direction, inactivity, inaction, passivity, stagnation, dullness, lack of vision or purpose, lethargy, apathy, feeling stuck.

    The cure: James 5:16( NAS)
    “Effective”- fervent, mighty, powerful, persistent prayer

  • This kind of prayer must proceed declarations and demonstrations.

A demonstration of the Spirit and the power of God (a new emphasis on evangelism and discipleship )

  • 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 ( NAS)
    What is the “demonstration “ or proof of the Spirit ?
    Galatians 5:22( NAS)
  • What is the demonstration of ourselves?
    Galatians 5:19( TPT)

  • What is the demonstration or proof of the power of God? Do you want to see miracles?
    Romans 1:16(NAS) the gospel
    1 Corinthians 1:18 the word of the cross
    Mark 16:15-20 (NAS) – the commission and the promise of Jesus

Day 20

The beginnings of the release of the “greater works”- bold faith in action

  • John 14: 10-14( NAS)
    Because Jesus was abiding in the Father -the Father “ worked “ through His words.
  • How can we do greater works than Jesus did ?
    “ because I go to the Father”  
    He partners in intercession with us so that when we ask in His name, He will do it!

Time to stretch and move – not only to a new level spiritually but an actual physical move.

  • Isaiah 54:2-3( NAS)

Day 21

Now that you have yielded yourself and your words to the Lord, spend today declaring the blessings over your
life.  Let Him begin to form your confession of enlargement and increase in all areas but especially in those areas you have consecrated to Him during this time of fasting and praying.

  • Read Ps. 45:1-8
  • Isa. 44:25-26 
  • Heb. 3:12-16 
  • Job. 22:27-29.

Let Praise be a powerful weapon for you in 2020!