[two_thirds] Pastor LaNora Van Arsdall and Jody Morin [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

LaNora Morin

Executive Pastor & Elder

Jody Morin



[two_thirds] Daniel and Melanie Ross [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Daniel Ross

Servant Leadership Team & Board Member

Melanie Ross

Servant Leadership Team


[two_thirds] Pastors Ben and Jessica Jones [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Ben Jones

Board Member & Servant Leadership Team

Jessica Jones

Servant Leadership Team


[two_thirds] Nathan and Aimee Lawson [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Nathan Lawson

Servant Leadership Team

Aimee Lawson

Servant Leadership Team


[two_thirds] Barbara Boyd [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Barbara Boyd

Servant Leadership Team, Elder & Board Member



[two_thirds] Bob and Traci Fredrickson [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Traci Frederickson

Servant Leadership Team & Administrative Assistant

Bob Frederickson

Servant Leadership Team & Board Member



[two_thirds] Andrew Ross [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Andrew Ross

Servant Leadership Team

Cesi Ross

Servant Leadership Team



[two_thirds] Angela Valencia [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Angela Valencia

Servant Leadership Team



[two_thirds] Randy and Bama Spoon [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Randy Spoon

Royal Rangers

Bama Spoon

Prayer Ministry


[two_thirds] Commander Kevin Dewitt [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Kevin Dewitt

Royal Rangers Commander


[two_thirds] Mike and Cathy Lowdermilk [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Mike and Cathy Lowdermilk

Elders and Cleansing Streams


[two_thirds] Dan and Debbie Ross [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Dan and Debbie Ross

Elders & Servant Leadership Team


[two_thirds] Rob and Kathy Hungerford [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Rob and Kathy Hungerford

Hospitality and CD Ministry


[two_thirds] Vince Treola [/two_thirds] [one_third last=”last”]

Vince Treola

Usher Ministry, Head Usher